12D Processor Overview


In July 2010, Lucia died then chose to come back into the third dimension in order to complete her soul’s work of re-balancing the feminine/masculine energies on the planet. The experience of having her egoic structure abruptly eradicated and being reborn into a completely different configuration was a radical transition. In a matter of seconds, her light body was completely activated and her awareness field was formless. (The quest for enlightenment leads to the experience of becoming light, i.e., fully activating the light body. As Satya Sai Baba said, “On the spiritual path, first you go toward the light, next you’re in the light, then you are the light.”)

In order to help her stabilize this new configuration so she could continue her soul’s work, Rama, who had been Lucia’s spiritual teacher in this and other lives, engineered a twelve-dimensional (12D) processor.

When Lucia initially received the processor it was a delicate latticework of light with intelligent circuits—circuits that integrated all 12 dimensions of consciousness.

After approximately five weeks, she had successfully configured it.  The result was a sort of high-tech battleship.  The spaces within the latticework—that had initially been but a framework—had filled in and become a solid mass of light.

For Lucia’s dharma, this new battleship configuration was optimal—a tremendously powerful vehicle with which to navigate the tsunami of Mother Divine’s energy on planet Earth and to help women around the world stand in their power. Someone else would configure the processor in a completely different way: a healer to become a more effective healer; a scientist to make new discoveries; an artist to create beautiful art.

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  • For the full story of Lucia’s death, rebirth, and 12D Processor activation, please listen to Death by Pounding and Spiritual Rebirth.
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Your Very Own 12D Processor    

Lucia transfers the 12D Processor to others.  In addition to configuring it for one’s own dharma, it may be used to explore multiple dimensions, eradicate the egoic structure, and activate the light body. 

If a person’s light body is already fully activated (if there is no remaining egoic structure to block the radiant light of the supraconscious), or if a person already has some sort of light body activation device, the 12D Processor is not appropriate.

The cost of the 12D Processor is $444.


Pre-requisite for Women

Before the Processor can be installed, any structural blockages stored in the awareness field must be removed.  Men have very few.  Women have many.  In Processor installation sessions, these structures often slow down the work or prevent it altogether.

In her Mystical Counsel Work-Study Course, Lucia not only teaches fearless emotional processing but helps the participant remove structural blockages. Because women have many, it is best to first allocate time to work with them, then proceed to the Processor installation.


12D Processor Purchase

Once payment is received, you will receive an automated email with instructions telling you how to prepare for your appointment.

Lucia’s assistant will then contact you to schedule a private session with Lucia to receive your 12D Processor via Skype.

12D Processor
12D Processor
After purchase using PayPal, expect an automated email with your instructions.
Price: $444.00